Sage´s main passion lies in the field of trans-generational therapy and psychogenealogy. She has researched and studied these fields for more than 20 years. She is interested in creative and imaginative approaches to therapy, personal expression, and how we understand each other, and ourselves, in order to BE with one another, beyond ourselves.

I write mainly about my own process; I believe that by sharing my wounds, by sharing my family stories my pieces can act as a point of departure (or arrival) for others to see. Even if we have lived different lives, even if we are in different cultures, I deeply believe we share common Legends, Myths, Stories, Cracks and Monsters.

I often think about myself as some kind of a somatic “archeologist”, mainly interested in a part of us called the Soul.

I am an artist. I explore the narrative potential of photography through constructed and deconstructed images, made of/with layers, different interpretations, reiterations, translations, cuts, dreamy alternative processes. The art pieces I create are digital. I mainly work with my own family photos (but also random beautiful photos found on the net). In them, through them, with them, I question Time, I question Memory. Highlighting the social features of oblivion, I use different processes to recreate patterns, memories and legends.

I dream new forms of narrations and with them, breed new forms of forgiveness.

My art pieces appear here mainly to illustrate my writing but sometimes, they stand there alone, in the form of numbered dreams.

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Ancestors. Memory. Somatic Archeology.


Sage Canellis

Mother • Transgenerational Therapist • Artist • Living in the Northern part of the world • Learning how to become a Good Ancestor